2022 GMC Canyon – Is This A Great Luxury Truck?

2022 GMC Canyon –  General Motors has confirmed it will build a factory in Mexico, part of an expansion plan to increase production at its Kentucky plant. This is expected to have a positive impact on the U.S. consumer, because Mexican cars cost less than those in the United States. More importantly, General Motors is a U.S. company so the presence here is important.

2022 GMC Canyon

It is one more layer of credibility for a brand that has long since lost much of its goodwill in the American public. But what does the new factory mean for the auto industry as a whole?

What You Have to Get From 2022 GMC Canyon

In the world of auto news, the news that GMC will bring manufacturing of its new vehicles in Mexico should be given the cautious attention that it deserves. Not only is Mexico not a friendly automobile country with respect to the automotive industry but the automotive supply chain is largely dependent upon North American manufacturers who have close ties with U.S. refiners and dealerships. Without those relationships, the entire chain grinds to a halt.

But beyond that, there are several interesting reasons why the new car factory in Mexico is such a big deal. The starting price for the new 2022 GMC Canyon model is almost double the starting price of any of General Motors vehicles from its old product lines. That’s a pretty bold move considering the product quality is comparable.

Nevertheless, it’s not just the price that should strike consumer nerves. The new compact pickup truck class represents a significant improvement over the older designs and GMC has designed the new Canyon so that it is better equipped to handle off road adventures.

To accentuate off road capabilities, the 2022 GMC Canyon has been designed with off road performance in mind. It boasts higher clearance for greater stability and has been designed with haul bed space that is second to none. The new extended cab configuration provides a fully loaded convenience to passengers that goes beyond a typical cab design.

There is more passenger room in the Canyon than ever before including an expansive cargo bed that will allow you to transport twice the load when compared to any other truck from GMC. Additionally, there is a full size fifth wheel bed that allows the fifth wheel to be removed and stored when not in use. These two features alone should push consumers to buy the new Cushman Columbia.

Like many of their four-cylinder counterparts, the 2022 GMC Canyon also has the option of a dual-throttle automatic transmission. The automatic is fitted with an electronic transfer clutch that offers greater control than the standard clutch. However, this system can only be activated when the towing capability is strong enough. When on the road, the automatic puts power through a five speed transmission and towing capability is enhanced by a five wheel rack. This five wheel rack acts as an additional tow bar and allows the vehicle to tow much heavier objects.

The 2022 GMC Canyon receives its safety rating through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For drivers who will exceed the weight rating of the truck by ten pounds or more, it is imperative to have this option on board. GMC offers a variety of exterior and interior touches to compliment this impressive weight total.

Many of these additions are optional, but all of them provide a safer driving experience for the truck driver. Two airbags positioned both behind the seat and on the bench back of the driver’s seat are standard on every model.

Beyond standard safety features such as air bags and stability control, there are also a number of additional engine options available for Canyon truck buyers. Sierra performance chips, for example, are available on the Canyon, boosting power without compromising off road performance. Sierra’s optional cool-mist humidifiers also help to cool the interiors of the truck even during extreme temperatures.

GMC has also tailored the 2022 GMC Canyon to meet the expectations of those interested in high performance with standard features. While the base trim of the vehicle is powered by the GMC Solid Fuel and Turbocharged Variable Valve Timer (VVT) system, the top model incorporates the Cruise Control with Lift Regulator. This allows the top model Canyon to cruise at a constant speed and maintain a constant rate of climb even when the road surface is difficult or treacherous.

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