2022 Honda CR-V – The Best SUV Ever Made!

2022 Honda CR-V – CR-V is a great little car. I have driven one for nearly two years now and have never had any mechanical issues with it. In fact, I barely get oil changes because they are such a simple vehicle to take care of.

2022 Honda CR-V

What You Have to Get From 2022 Honda CR-V

You see, the problem with most small suvs is that they are not maintained very well inside and out. Usually the mechanics that work on them only know how to work on the exterior trim. It will be another year before the new-generation 2022 Honda CR-V ex-l rolls onto the streets, and judging from my limited inventory, it will not be very cheap.

I have a friend who has the manual and every time I ask him how much he has spent on the modifications, he tells me it was about six thousand dollars. This is pretty expensive considering the fact that this is an SUV, not a small car. For this reason, I suggest that you do everything in your power to keep your 2022 Honda CR-V up to date with all the latest upgrades, regardless of whether you plan on driving it to the gas station in 20 years or to your weekend getaway in the mountains.

I recommend that you install aftermarket auto gear, such as a lift kit, grille guards, and a snorkel. These little things add a lot of zip to your 2022 Honda CR-V and add little pieces of flair to your ride. Another upgrade that I suggest for your 2022 Honda CR-V touring car is a power liftgate.

A power liftgate will prevent your precious 2022 Honda CR-V from getting stuck at high rpms when you need the vehicle to exit and go into the gravel, get lifted up, and put back on the ground. You should also invest in a set of aftermarket seat covers. Seat covers will make your trip more comfortable, no matter what the weather conditions outside.

Upgrading your 2022 Honda CR-V’s front end has a few choices. If you want more performance from your CR-V, then you should consider installing aftermarket performance parts like a strut bar and cat back exhaust. The strut bar installs low, behind the current steering pump. It mounts to either side of the steering pump housing. Cat back exhausts are typically installed on the back of the CR-V, though they can also be placed on the front if you so desire.

Other upgrades include an aftermarket battery tray, front passenger seat covers, and front and rear seat rockers. Some of the options you can also expect to see on the aftermarket market include an ashtray adapter, chrome door handles, a rear window defogger, front and rear headlamps, a center console with memory, a foldable dashboard mount, a front air dam, a dual-axis stabilizer, fog lights, Mirrors with power, rain guards, and rear seat cargo netting.

Other aftermarket safety features you may want to look for are daytime running lights, front and rear headlamps, brake light, Cruise control, Electronic Stability Control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, and Electronic Brake-force Distribution. Of course, the list is pretty long but these are the most important safety features you should have on your 2022 Honda CR-V.

2022 Honda CR-V and LX models come standard with the same basic floor plan. There are however two main designs of 2022 Honda CR-V: the Legacy and the CR-X. Both designs have the standard door trim, five seating levels, front air vents, and rear step bars. However, the Legacy is distinguished by its two front air vents and the larger roof length (which comes on higher). Its interior has been redesigned to provide a more spacious feel with new ergonomic design, a touch pad, a large LCD, audio controls in the front, and a larger touch screen. CR-X has the smallest, most roomy and user friendly exterior available.

The biggest difference between the CR-X and CR-L is the size. The CR-L is just over one foot longer than the CR-X. Although it might sound like a lot of space, this small gap gives the driver easy access to all of the interior features of the 2022 Honda CR-V. Also the larger roof height helps open up the trunk area, allowing for better cargo integration and easier loading and unloading. All of this space makes it easier to get in and out of the car, whether you’re driving the 2022 Honda CR-V or a Toyota Camry.

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