2022 Hyundai Santa Fe – Is This America’s Best Value SUV?

2022 Hyundai Santa Fe –  Yes, the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe is quite an impressive midsize sedan. In addition to offering a host of luxury tech and driving features, this Hyundai now has a reasonably sized trunk, cushioned seats, comfortable seats, practical engine dynamics, well documented fuel mileage, and impressive acceleration figures. This vehicle also offers great value thanks to some nifty new design features.

2022 Hyundai Santa Fe

And thanks to continued technological innovations, this vehicle now offers great air suspension capabilities, anti-lock brake system, and front and rear defrost technology. All told, the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe continues to deliver value for consumers.

What You Have to Get From 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe

So what’s inside the Santa Fe? Well, it starts with a two door sedan class model which offers a 5.4L gasoline engine, paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The interior of this vehicle also offers comfortable and plush seating qualities with front and rear bench passengers being able to accessorize their own personal space. As a result, this SUV offers great convenience as well as a degree of personalization for those who want it.

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe also offers a great amount of passenger room and cargo space, with the ability to customize the length and width of the rear seat. The standard model comes with a capacity of 5 people, but the turbocharged engine offered on some models offers a much greater capacity, with some models offering sixteen people or more.

Yes, this vehicle does have a larger towing capacity than the usual sedans do, at least when it comes to length. It is also interesting to note that this model of SUV does not offer a rear seat DVD player, but rather relies on its standard audio system, which features dual zone audio and a CD player.

In addition to its large towing and cargo space, the interior of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe also offers some luxury features for those who want them. Leather and suede upholstery can be found throughout the interior of the vehicle, including the front seats, dash, stitching on the armrests, headliner, and instrument panel. Aesthetic touches, including chrome highlights on the instrument panel, headliner, and seat covers, help to make the interior of this model of SUV very attractive.

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe has a factory warranty and is covered by a long factory warranty. Some of the optional accessories offered through the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe include a sunroof, keyless remote, front airbags, passenger side airbags, and vehicle stability control. While the vehicle is not without its problems, the overall quality and design of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe makes it one of the best options when looking for an all-around vehicle with ample cargo space, a large enough floor plan, plenty of trunk space, and a decent ride. However, in spite of its positive reviews, there are still those that would prefer to buy a different SUV such as that from a different manufacturer.

One of the most popular options in the small to mid-size class of suvs is the Ford Crown Victoria, which is based off of the Lincoln Town Car brand of vehicles. Like the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe, it too offers a very upscale design with leather and fabric interior. Both the Ford Crown Victoria and the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe offer all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, but the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe seems to have a leg up in the cargo space and overall size stakes. It is also worth noting that the Ford Crown Victoria shares much of its styling with the Ford Explorer, a subcompact that was recently discontinued.

The new Carsco Pacific Challenge Minivan is another small-scale entry into the all-aluminum minivan segment, and it is perhaps the least seen of the bunch. The Carsco Pacific Challenge Minivan offers an automatic all-weather floor opening system, a front airbag system, and front side airbags as well. Other features in this segment include a folding bench seat and a dual zone climate control.

All of these vehicles offer good value for consumers who need a family sedan with good fuel economy and a large passenger capacity. Prices start around $20k depending on the model year, quality, and amenities. No matter which Santa Fe you choose, you will enjoy easy driving that is comfortable both inside and out. With a large selection of sedans to choose from and a wealth of features, 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe simply has everything you could want in a family-oriented crossover or minivan.

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